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Before Care runs from 7am until the start of the school day.
After Care runs from the end of the school day until 6pm. 

Both before and after care take place in the gym/cafeteria at each elementary school.  Counselors  implement a relaxed yet educational atmosphere and customize it to the interests of the children in that particular school.  Organized activities such as nature walks, book club, drama and sports are planned each week.  During free time, children can decide which activities they wish to pursue.  Options include outdoor sports, board games and arts and crafts.  Counselors supervise homework time for 30 minutes every afternoon.  Snack is provided in the after care program.

Half-day Kindergarten is offered at East Goshen, East Bradford, Exton, Fern Hill and Sara Starkweather Elementary Schools. 

Half-day kindergarten runs opposite your child's school district schedule and is located within the above mentioned elementary schools.  Both morning and afternoon sessions have lunch in the cafeteria and are monitored by our staff. (lunch must be provided by the parent)  The half-day kindergarten program is staffed by a certified teacher and a full-time assistant if required.  Our half-day kindergarten program follows the school district’s curriculum closely and essentially reinforces the lessons being taught by WCASD kindergarten teachers.  We promote a structured yet fun atmosphere that promotes learning through play and hands on activities and projects.  The children are not “graded” but compile a portfolio of all their projects throughout the school year. Parents are given the portfolios to review at conferences mid-year and take home at the end of the school year.  We encourage a cooperative relationship between our enrichment teachers and the school district kindergarten teachers to ensure a supportive, learning atmosphere for the children. 

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